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Apply for a bus pass

Apply, renew or change your address

Apply, renew or change your address

Details on how to apply for the Medway Youth Pass available for 11- 18 year olds

Details on how to pre book a place on the Medway MY 1-9 Bus service to some secondary schools

We will need proof of eligibility which you can upload electronically. If you are unable to do this collect a paper form from a contact point.

Find out what proof of disability (30KB pdf file) we require.


  • It is the passholder's responsibility to renew the pass so make a note of the expiry date
  • You can renew up to 8 weeks before expiry but allow 28 days for applications to be processed
  • New passes will be not sent until a week before the old one expires
  • We can use your existing picture held on the system, or you can submit a new photo if your appearance has changed or you wish to have a new picture on the card

When and where to use your pass

The Medway bus pass allows older people, or people with specified disabilities free off-peak bus travel. Find out when you are entitled to free bus travel (GOV.uk)

Holders of a bus pass may travel off-peak for:

  • Any trip in the Medway Council area
  • Journeys from Medway into Kent (e.g. Chatham to Maidstone)
  • Journeys throughout England (including Transport for London supported buses in London)

Medway passholders can travel from 9am to last bus on weekdays for journeys which start in the Medway Council areas and at any time on weekends, and public holidays.  Nationally the bus pass can be used between 9.30am until 11pm Monday to Friday and any time on weekends and public holidays. The bus pass can be used on Transport for London (TfL) supported bus services in London 24 hours a day.

If you're thinking of getting a bus pass, be sure to know how, when and where to use it, view the conditions of use for bus pass (pdf 17KB)

Lost, stolen or damaged passes

If you lose your pass or it is severely damaged, phone 01634 33 33 33. We'll then give you a duplicate pass at a cost of £10.00 to cover administration. We'll process your order once payment has cleared. We can't give refunds once we've processed your payment, even if you find your lost pass. Medway Council will not refund the cost of any bus tickets bought while customers are waiting for a replacement to a lost card.

A £10.00 fee is also levied if a customer requests a change for example an amendment of name, or if a cardholder wishes to change their photograph on their card.

However, if your card was stolen, there is no charge for a replacement pass if you can provide the crime number given to you by the police.

Having difficulty travelling by yourself?

If you have difficulty travelling by yourself, you can apply for a disabled bus pass with a companion entitlement which allows somebody to travel for free on the bus with you in Medway and Kent. The pass holder can travel anywhere in England within the times allowed. The pass holder will need to provide evidence of why they depend on somebody travelling with them. The passes are provided at the discretion of the council.

If you're a young person

Find out about the Medway Youth Pass, which can be used up to the end of the academic year following your 18th birthday to travel on any local bus service at any time.

Bus companies

The following information is for bus operators only regarding arrangements for reimbursement.

2017/18 scheme (published 28 November 2016)

The Medway Concessionary Scheme Arrangements for reimbursement 2017/18 (pdf 135KB)

Medway Operator Letter 2016/17 (pdf 77KB)

Medway Concessionary Travel Scheme- scheme definition (pdf 125KB)

2018/19 scheme (published 29 November 2017)

The Medway Concessionary Scheme Arrangements for reimbursement 2018/19 (pdf 205KB)

Medway Operator Letter 2018/19 (pdf 77KB)

Medway Concessionary Travel Scheme- scheme definition (pdf 125KB)